Wednesday, April 05, 2006

The send off!!

the last few days in Office passed of without much of a problem.I now miss that place a lot.I had made quiet a good number of friends.nevertheless, i guess life moves on.When i first joined this place my only intension was to resign as soon as possible and climb the mba bus quickly.But as fate would have it, i stuck here for more than what i should have stayed...enuf to gather some pleasant memories. Pk, hf, vm, ml and me constituted my gang for more than a year or should i say right from the beginning. later the group grew with sk, vm,df [the famous words df were coined by him so let me call him df]Idid make a lot of other close friends right from the beginning...but these were, I would say, special......Towards the end I even had a great time discussin music with ap [which i love most] ....i had missed that during my transition from lnt to delphi...ap was a no great musician technically speaking...but atleast he would understand whatever funda i would give.
Vm, fondly called shambu, was another of my close pals.....he joined the company the day I joined...and was recruited to the same team as I...He has a very good nack of developing story out of nothing. I feel should be working for a newspaper.He would be earning more lacs than his hike now.I still dont know what he is doing in TCI ....i can never forget his help the day before my isb interview.In the end,it made all the difference
If i were to write our adventures of pk, hf ,vm, ml, bb and would be something like a 5 point something in office....
i am probably not doing justice by writing just a few lines about these "folks".
another set of important ppl in my D-life were SS, who so much helped my interview preps even the day before interview,and how can i forget the good time we had in singapore.I hope my first day adventure doesnt get leaked out.
ERS- in the last 6 months i spent a significant amt of time my morning coffee with her...she was one more of my singapore companions....she joined delphi a few days before me..and more importantly she is still there....., now
pn- i spent most of my singapore trip with this fellow....and he will be there in all my sg photographs.....i hope u and ak get to do what u want to do.,..instead of dying in the D-place.......
hs, and shu--the ppl whom i coached to their glorious victory in itpl tournament.... :) well atleast i got to know these ppl becoz of it.......i really admire girls who are mentally tuff......i guess they are faar too few of them out there........i guess all sportsmen are like that....anyway....though i could interact more with hs, shu was a late entry in tci.... :)
rbhat i hope u got a gud hike......singapore ge kalsthini antha heli company kai ethbittru....dont know when neevu kai ethithira antha.....
and mister DF if i dont see u in isb next year...u pls rename urself df........comon arent u one??? all the best anyway.......boyz dont leave this fellow...screw him left right and center.......and add my share too......i am really curious how vm will react if he hears ur new aim.....
prince,I missed u for my send off....though i should thank u for taking me in...u interviewed me ....hope u remember...
bb, i hope u got ur money....and i feel sad that no ones there to irritate u anymore..hope krish does it for me......given that he has got a great hike...... also i have a suggestion to u...dont try too many girls at once..approach them one by one..u will be able to perform better :D
i really miss the afternoon naps under those trees of itpl...and then those funny discussions....i cant think of one situation where ppl mised a chance to pull each others legs....i hope i am missed....atleast i made bupen hazarika famous in tci......... :)

It also marks the end of the "funda" era in my life.At each phase in my life i have earned different subtitles... reflecting whatever characterstic of mine has stuck bright to the surrounding ppl....these friends of mine found that i could talk on a wide variety of topics....and that too "convincingly".....and found it too difficult to believe...they gave me this new that i have moved out of this place...the title too might die out....god knows what new subtitle i have in store in my new destination.......i get one more chance to discover a new face of mine..... :)
N0w, the send off....well when i came back from goa i was really tired that morning.....i was expecting a small send off from my group members....but i was really moved to see it was a much more grand event than I expected......I am just 2 years old here.... i didnt think i deserved a gift...but it was a really nice one...i am uploading those pics here........i thanks the junta for the event....thanks ppl.....i had to thank ppl individually for this....for some wierd reasons i didnt and i wont....but i am really glad and heartened by having made such good friends....
All over , i feel like visiting this place over and over again... coz i cant think of a bitter memory here...maybe becoz i didnt work enuf :) And just before i was to get my first bitter pill...i moved my A** away from the place....and the day others got their hike letters i got my relieving letter...if i had got the former....then i wouldnt be dedicating such a big mail ...maybe this is what they call " A STICH IN A TIME SAVES NINE"..atleast i saved my 2.....

the team

team [another pic]

the gift in my amit pande looks on[dont worry buddy ur turn will come soon... :)]


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