Monday, September 04, 2006

bangalore diaries!!

Return from term 3:
term 3 is screwed!! tell me more....pants are down....!!! results not indicative of the damage caused!! yeh!! whats this...i thot i was going to flunk!!!!thanks isb for being nice..!!
tuesday nite is travel time!! travelling to bangalore is always a celebration!!! bangalore doesnt stop to mystify me......when u are inside bangalore u get experience magic.....and when u are out of it...u get fresh air, litterally i mean!!!
930 it is in the morning....its bangalore blues...parents are as usual excited about the return of a son from a war!!! (eh,...whom was i fighting in hyd??)
1100: scoot.....its scoot around time...bags is waiting for me....hadnt talked to her for a long time!!!chauffer her of to her place.....she is my best friend now!!!! cool collective and composed all the time....but energy is unmistakenly invigorating.....a gem of entrepreneur that she is!!!

introspective moments: why is that life gives u shit all the time!!!.....after 2 hrs of thinking i realise its coz u have a love for it!!! dont treat test of time as shit, its absolute fun.....!! so now i am having fun!!!!

kiranian: a chat with him always help....just that he doesnt have time....anyway, he is now constipating in germany......24 hrs flight delay in transit is worse than amrutanjan around ur balls!!!!

Thursday.....A new found enthusiasm is working magic...
Swami and his friend :
it is time for some action....TT in thy own apartments...with an old good can it get!!! swami u are not bum in TT now......but i guess u have a long way to go before u can challenge me....lets make it again....u taking a couple of games is still no credit for u!!!
but i am happy for u.....u were searching for focus in life for a long long time...gues 9 years with u...i have never seen u so composed in ur life...
U r guitar work has come a long way, man i am way too impressed....!!lets jam next time!!

Shanti park:
its time again for a meet with a long lost time.....walkin towards abhi's house i got nostalgic...Remembered all those days for birthday parties and the ncj bunked moments in abhi's house.....things remain more or less the same.......abhi, ur mom hasnt changed....
but trust me ur sister looks stunning now!!!!!
its always good to catch up with old times!!!!

guru chats:
caught up with benchmates in college... simplistic pleasures.....of sitting and hobnobbing about everything on planet whom u strike chords so easily...
overheard a few engg students discussing college.....
so get nostalgic again at the first chance...... well, this is an automatic door way to archives of discussions....we have been coming to guru chats for 5-6 years....what have we discussed...all these years here...??the sequence goes something like this....
his girlfriend...class room....your girlfriend .... profs...girlfriends... companies/placements....girlfriends...1st company....girlfriends...salary structure...girlfriends...lost personal life....girlfriends....2nd company.....and marriage...........FULL STOP!!!!!
darshan..i thot u would get ur elantra that there is an elantra and a baleno...pavan, its time for u to get a honda city atleast!!!was suggesting this guy.....either get a girlfriend or a super car!! u can afford atleast one of them!!!
friday....its breakfast day......never before cooked better aloo paratas i get in bags home!!! fantastic...but it came with a cost....a lecture on marriage!!!!!!!!!
its business time!! what thots does it leave in ur mind when u speak to a man who talks business, walks business,sleeps business?? well, the rest of the day goes in thinking about the best available entrepreneurial options are available.....!!!!!
as nite arrives its tata time for kiran....

thanksgiving: its now time to get visit a temple.....
what my life and soul has been blessed and dressed with is fantastic......i cant ask for more!!! there is someone somewhere beyond humans out there who is responsible for that happens to each one of us....i dont know who...i dont know where...but i have to thank him for that!!! so visit a temple.
not many ppl achieve what they want to achieve....not many ppl get to see physically what they dream of.......i, thankfully, dont belong to that category.....
it leads me to a thot.....human race is the only race on this planet that suffers freedom.....!!! u have money u suffer, u dont have u suffer...u have a job on hand u suffer, u dont have u still suffer..................u have education u suffer, if u dont have u still suffer................u have a girlfriend u suffer, if u dont have..err u dont suffer, but i am not the right guy to be asked...."what if she leaves u??"
euphoria strikes if prayers get answered repeatedly.....!!!!
saturday was euphoric.......!!!!!!

a ride to omkar hills , was a gud option to strike on a saturday afternoon!!!!given that somu has no time for me!!!!

gummanur trips: this village becons me on a great sunday morning....!!!!what a wonderful place this is!!!
i guess it would be completely unfair if i dont dedicate a special blog to this!!!

back to ISB : monday morning it is.....and i am back in hyd.....coming back to my quad gives me a feeling of a married man returning back to his wife and children after a long trip!!! my life ,wife (or should i say my laptop!!) and soul lives here!!and life comes a full circle !!!

Sunday, July 30, 2006


Its 515 early morning! My eyes are awake...It feels like a little dusky.If I were in bangalore I would have thot it was 630.But the thick curtains hide my bed away from any little light that can penetrate through to my room.My eyes are wide open...And i am staring at the ceiling.The rooms is decibeled by the grinding sound of my fan.But deep inside my mind runs an electric train.I continue to star blankly at the fan.Whats life all about?? Where have I come and Where do I stand??my cheeks widen a bit.I am not sure if it was worth a smile.But retrospection holds sway for the moment.
My childhood opaques my view of the running fan.It comes in frames...sometimes a little too blurr.Experiences-both horror and ecstatic ones, motion fast in front of my eyes.I change my expressions accordingly.My cheeks hurt a bit.But who is a roller coaster.
I see all those actors who played a role in my life,and built it for me, they stare at me one by one straight in my eyes.Some laugh, some cry, some smile. There are only 3 people who look at me expressionless.My father, my mother and my brother.They have been with me all through my lifetime.And i am unable to comprehend them. My eyes swell a bit, vision blurs, a stream of colourless fluid brims my eyes.

I close them, take a deep breathe and open again.the eyes clear out a bit. The fan is still swirling like it could go on for eternity.But it takes less than a second for imagination to hold sway again!
The vision changes.Another pleasant smile appears, i am jittery in my eyes, vision still blur.
Its amazing how much life can offer u!
Oh!My dear Men and Women!! You, who have come across my life, giving me the pleasure of all experiences!!I salute u!! I shall die a peaceful death one day..just in ur name!! How can I regret!! U have given me what u were destined to give me!! U are my men of honour!! I salute u!!thanks is what i can say!!
What next?? life never ceases to amaze me!! I only wish ... i could get up in the morning look at life in anticipation.But the fear is...its never clear what it can throw at u!!Bumps on my forehead!!wake up its no use trying to sleep! its dawn!!

Saturday, July 29, 2006

july 29th

hi, the post for the day is back!
I have no mood to study...I am too tired...Slept through all day...Sometimes people are tired when their body aches..and sometimes when their mind aches....My mind aches...i am too tired to think...heart says its not worth dont think!!! but mind persists...How fantastic can this get!! mind finds problems even when there arent any!! heart finds solutions even when there arent any!!
As I switch channels I continue to think!!On one of these channels i hear this song..
"har gadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi"... In one of these scenes Shah rukh finds that the doc realizes his time is up...and a parallel time scene dictates preity having a ball with saif...the world is just unfair isnt it?? I remembered watching this movie ..I had burst out laughing at the stupidity of the scene when everyone else was watching the movie with an emotion as i watch it i feel like crying......the world is unfair afterall....
I feel like crying...aloud...much louder than these peacocks around in the campus.....but no ones going to hear....There are good moments and there are bad moments....Try to get the good moments going!! What are those good moments in my life?? Well, date on the TV just said 29th july!! Does that ring a bell somewhere??
Ohh yes, it is a 4th year aniversary of something!! The ache in the mind goes down a little....heart and mind smile alike! an orchestra is struck between them...The happiness is now soothing....
It was an early morning mist!!On july 29th, 2002, the three of us got up!! my mind wasnt this bad then...Mysore was as cool as a cucumber at 615 in the morning....Pavan, kata and me had just woken up to a new dawn...not like any other dawn...a dawn that would be worth remembering for my life time...the professional in me was born....I didnt realise it then. Getting up ready was the paramount thing in my life!! We resided at the residence of mitra's, a good hearted uncle of pavan. Staying temporarily for the day, along with us in Mitra uncle's den, was pavans parents.They came along with us all the way from bangalore just to get us comfortable.
I was reporting for my first day's work today along with pavan and karthik.
Thus began a fantastic day, a day from which my first earnings would trickle down...It was a fantastic feeling...All three of us dressed in a completel white and black formals and of course a tie.I wore a formal shoe that i had bought newly just for my work..but that was the only day I wore it in my entire professional career for the next 4 years.
We all boarded on mopeds -2 TVS champs-belonging to me n pavan and a Hero Puch that was kata's, transported from bangalore just to aid our travel within mysore.We all set out with a photograph that pavans parents captured, that has now turned into one of a a nostalgic gift.
Well, a mahurtam was also sort just in case we land up at an inaspicious moment that would screw up our entire if it hasnt now!!
So as early as 730 we set out in a very funny manner, unknowingly what we were venturing into and completely ignorant of the moment. There was also a token of gift for mother nature - a nature call that we attended, in front of a tree that was cut down a few days down the lane....
It was one of those joyous occasions..where little things grew big.....
We did a reporting in the morning the 5 of us...along with kishore and vikas who joined in later...we went on a wishing spree ...hellowing everyone we came along.....well a few days later when my new batchmates did the same when i visited them....It was hilarious...the guys and girls of my batch..stood up when I visited them in a conference room....they confused me to be a senior in the org....i got a respect that i didnt deserve was pretty hilarious.....
On the first visit we met this gentlemen who had interviewed all of us....We told him we came at 800 in the morning....he remarked.."there should have been no one in the office so early..."
It was a small joy...considering that we would be rebuked if we walked in 5 seconds late to a class in my college... no one would question us here if we came in late to the office!!!

Well, the whole year was a happy holiday for all of us....We worked our lives with ethics and happiness...I would say i wish today that the holiday would have lasted for ever.....It was most definitely the happiest of times that I had in my life.....

......I always believed that these small rules that u set for urself will help u in the long run....I gave up on small pleasures for something big I would get later in life...Go and get what u want..the world out there is so big!!!!
careers take a turn u never except...My life has come a full circle in 4 years...I am sure its the same for others as well....
Hmm... as I sit retrospecting this moment...its time to sleep again...the tiredness in my mind is back..its going to follow me whereever i go!!! The ache in the mind swells up....heart and mind fade in smiles ! an orchestra strikes a discordant note......The happiness is now overshadowed....... Life is not all about happiness after all....Trust brings with it a great deal of risk and happiness....Higher the trust higher is the happiness..and higher is the risk of losing it.!!
Dont know where my stand right now is..!!!

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MBA devils

ok here I am...finding some inspiration to blog again!!I will update my whole term 2 exp.
btw, term 2 is history now!! and term 3 is present!
but before that here are a couple of quizzes for problemers!!
1) i liked this one, i thot these are the things one need to really learn from a B school rather than mug numbers for problems...anyway here it goes!!
One night a thief once raided a Richie richs house.The next morning the richie rich got up only to see his jewels looted.but no money was stolen.So he went ahead and launched a complaint in a local police station.After a few days the thief was caught.!!!The thief was going a thru a personal trauma to which he would succumb soon.!!To make good for his sins, he confessed to looting the jewels and surrendered all the jewels he had looted.However a very funny thing happened!!
Before he breathed last he made the following statement!! "Alas, here comes time when I breathe the last!! To lighten the burden of sins here i say a thing, a complete truth.I stole the jewels alright, but it was not at the richie richs house!!"
The police recorded this statement of the thief! and was horrified to here the last sentence.
He takes a look at the jewels again, The jewels matched the exact description of what the Richie rich mentioned in his complaint!
Now, if u were in the shoe of the police inspector, how would u go about solving the problem??

I dont know the solution, in other words i wont discuss it here!! let the battle begin!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snake bytes!

Dear fellow living beings!
I am just a creature like u.This place was my home before u came here.U came here and built this big campus in what used to be my free area, I was born and brought up here.So are most of my fellow snakes.I have seen my grand parents and heard about my ancestors who lived here.I didnt question you when u came and claimed this land as yours.U are afterall a fellow human being.I being a submissive species dared not to move into areas you built this beautiful campus on.I respect your ambition.
Today I am restricted in space in the very place you have come and occupied my home.I am proud that you made such good use of land to be the best B school in town.They even have a name for the place i was born in.They say ISB! man! wow!. I cant think like you do.Your achievements are beyond my imaginations.
However, I have a small request. This is a rainy season, as it gets very sticky in homes.I cant stay inside for a long time.A few of my generations understand we are no longer free to go around in this place.A lot from younger generations have no where to go.They are bound to move around in the campus.Like I said snakes are not as intelligent as humans.
They call us poisonous, but i can vouch that we have a clean record.
We havent bitten any one till now or there are no cases of any death by snake bites.
So please dont go on a killing spree. U are supposed to be my benefactor, my fellow living being and my protector.A few amongst you might even pretend to pray to me once a year.
All i request you is....please dont panic! I am not as harmful as you are.
I am begging you for my life.Please! lets live in peace!
I am still not angry with you. I am just asking you to be a little more "human" .Dont be "animals".
This for us is not a matter of joke, when u see us in our habitat, for no particular reason, u panic, and kill us at sight, take pictures and send it to fellow humans and amuse urself with it.
I beg you all over again, I request you again, only a few of my species remain today on earth, Dont kill us all.
Your sincerely,
A dejected snake !

Dear God,
I am one of those repentant ISBian inside the campus.I am fed up of being a human.After reading this message from snake, my heart goes out to them.All 420 ill minded mortals like me living inside this campus are fit for nothing creatures who are here to make money at the cost of others.We are taught how to exploit other humans and become rich.The price we pay for that are loads of money borrowed from a bank!!
I study in my room in the first floor.A fellow human being labelled as "security man" watches my room all the time trying to protect me.I have no respect for him.The only difference between me and him is that we had different parents.But as a result today his job is to be my protector while I pretend to work hard.While I prepare myself to see crores of money, he prepares himself for to see people rake in crores of money.Not that he is not capable like me, but just that he isnt blessed like me..U are responsible for it!I am privilaged guy.
I get to earn money for one year.I also get to kill a lot of snakes around in the campus.I take pics of them and mail it to my friends here.I talk of the good of mankind and bullshit about human nature, but care a least to follow them.
I go to the lecture theatre, A respected gentleman is here to teach me, but I have no respect for him.How can I respect him?? He is my slave. I have paid him to do what he is here to do.As a result I can come anytime to the class, I can eat what I want when he is teaching me some important things, I can go out of the class and come back anytime I want.I can even order him to do things i want him to do.
I visit this lavish canteen daily, I pay for the food, so I can take any amount of food i want and prefer to waste them,Just throw it away.Neither do I have any regard to all those who have put in their blood to grow them in fields nor do I have any respect for those who are dying of hunger without food day in and out.After all , People are here to do what I want, and I am an ISBian.i am a heartless creature.U are responsible for it again!!
I am a learned man today, Please, is there anyway U can terminate me??
If you dont open your eyes today, a lot of objects like me will be produced on this planet and soon hell will come down to earth.Please save this planet.
A soul craving for moksha!

Friday, June 02, 2006

A walk in the clouds!

Hyderabad has a fantastic cloud cover, Its rainy season now! Rain Gods havent been cruel to the city again this time around. Its always a pleasantry to see the clouds coming to rescue of bi-legged mammals and offering a temporary shade from the otherwise scorching sun of hyderabad! the pathway in student village offers a smile to walk on! A wet carpet spreads out to the stressed minds of ISB.The green cover sweats out the last drops of rains, and gleams for once with a cheek wide smile, just as the sun goes down in the evening. As I stand by the window sill, looking out,its a perfect picture with wrong moods walking on the rain covered pathways.I have this marketing book in my hand, but i am in no mood to study.As I watch out, reflecting my own mood, I see some sober minds, some thinking faces, some introspective eyes, so worn out cheeks walking furiously in and out of the village. All these people are either walking in to their houses or walking out to the library.What a waste of ISB life..I wonder! Well, though my face dont seem to differ from any of those i described! Ohh! and then there are some cheerful and innocent souls hanging around! Its not difficult to guess who they are!!
After ISB too have some people here having a ball!!
The cheerful faces belong to the spouses of a few students here, and the innocent once their off-springs.Their fathers/mothers seem to pay a heavy price to come to this beautiful place offering a trailer of nature. but its mostly the children and spouses whom u find in the lawns, on the grass - rolling and laughing all their way atleast for next one year- while the students sweat it out!!!

Technical snag!!

hmm..the subject line is becoz i have just taken a break from studies..:)
Today was the last day of term 1..the classes got over...
I really miss rakesh vohra!!He is great!!
And so was Mark finn..who would be walking out of our courses!!
He was pretty good in handling Finance....We were lucky to have him for the whole term.
Waterman was superman in his teaching!! He taught at rocket pace!!
I slept over most of his classes.
Ohh by the way, I lost out in the AC sleeper of the term award of the class.
It was time for mock awards in the class.
I came a close second in winning the award.Except that Kamma made it finally,
Buddy next time around i will beat u.I was sitting in the last most people could never see my sleeping skills..So have ur ball!!
MK was unianimously voted late latifa! but i thot she should have been declared accountant of the year award!! i cant help notice that she sometimes admire her looks a lot!Apart from me rarely have I come across people who love themselves so much.
And then there is my neighbour SB, she sat next to me for the whole term.She is kinda energetic. Interestingly I have avoided talking to her a lot.I dont know why.Though she is not my enemy!But she is a sweet girl. She kinda got irritated that i slept a lot, like she mentioned, it was "depressing" for her.I guess she will be relieved not to sit next to me next term. And same with me here!!
Now is the time to mention DOC.He is crazy, He comes out of this outta-the-world heaven hometown of his, which resembles somewhat this romantic locations shot in hindi movies.Its everyones dream to live in place like he belongs to! He is crazy enuf to leave that and come over to ISB!! God bless ppl like him!!
He is a thorough gentlemen, except that I have a suggestion buddy, U keep guys talk with guys!!Let boys be boys!!
There was no send off party for the profs this time, And going by this, looks like there wouldnt be any in the future !!I guess "folks" here have ran out of cash in term 1 itself!! well, that is some state of "potential karorpathis" leave me outta this ok??

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The last mile!

here comes the end of term 1. click next tuesday.I am done with exams.
Climate has changed in ISB camp.So has the mood with it. Its no longer as hot as it used to be a month ago.The feel of the cold has spread.Spread everywhere. Mid terms did a great chiller job.
Its amazing how just 2 tests can develop cold feet between friends, students. Few reign high while a few whine.But the hope never ends! like they say hope is eternal. The dread exams make their appearance again for 2 days.During these days [even a few days before that] one doesnt feel like human being.Interesting this phenomenon of exams and tests doesnt exist in other species.Like for example, imagine if one were to invite applications for interview for animals for the post of " pets" in a house.Then the whole symbotic relation on this planets would go for a toss, wouldnt it?? And there would be OBCs for animals.So backward animals like pig, donkey etc would have filed a case against more popular pets like dog, cat and horse. And then arjun singh would have stepped in allocated some "seats" in houses for them.Then one would have had to bare with having pets too! like if u owned a dog as a pet, u have to house a pig.
And then u have to create a dwelling for them.So ur shit pot would have had to be outside the a swamp of drainage.On the other hand, the more favourable pets would argue what went wrong with them, why they were being dished out such mis treatment.Shouldnt it be solely on merit! See what exams can do to one. Its now clear in my mind that exams are a cause of social disharmony. It divides people unfairly. Even though god gave humans same mind with diverse orientations, Some are unfairly called better than others of the same make.In my mind I only distinguish the two clans as the quantitatively oriented [good in exams] and qualitatively oriented[good elsewhere].Since i belong to the later clan, I am obviously biased towards it.
And folks this is my blog, and hence only my choices win here.
Well, lets now discontinue this argument, else exams may have a case of discrimination against me!!
Otherwise, over the past 2 weeks i have been thoroughly enjoing an entertainment by one Mr Rakesh Vohra.He is too good.When he conducts class , even me wont sleep.He is a demi god of game theory.The way he sequences his class is fabulous.I am now so deeply addicted to him.Unfortunately today is going to be his last class.I really look forward to seeing him in the coming terms.He is an inspiration when he starts staging the class.
Ohh! reality strikes. exams approaching, i got to study, unfair world, bad practises, grumble, grumble, mumble mumble.... #%^&&^%!!!!!!!!