Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Fun in the sun!!

when i was in delphi it seemed like i had all the time in the world!!
but now boss, 24 hrs is way too less.but i am nevertheless happy
as things seem to have started happening in life.
I had a long day of fun in the sun yesterday.
a lot of games were arranged to convey subtle meanings.
it was a great way to imbibe certain qualities needed to be applied in our days to come at ISB.
i liked the hand knots game and the egg contract game.
we had to design a platform on the ground so that when an egg is dropped from a height
the egg doesnt break!!though the eggs survived from level 1,
unfortunately 2 eggs from level 2 never got thrown into the area of the platform,else i guess it would have survived.
also now i have got to know my roomies a little better.we seemed to have developed a good rapport with each other.played tt yesterday with GB in the night at 1200.
there was a party organised for the outgoing senior batch.i didnt attend as it was pretty tiring yesterday.
also metup with my group members.i am not happy with some of the team members.but i guess thats the way things go!! have to put up with it!!thats what this MBA is all about!


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