Thursday, April 27, 2006

early settlement!!

the preterm courses are now in full swing.I attended a class for 4 hrs yesterday.
Though business stats wasnt so interesting a class, i still managed to sit thru.It did help a bit to revise my rusted fundas.Most of my classmates felt that they could have picked up the material and worked out at home.The reason for this,I feel, is that the course taken by a prof needs an approach from a perspective point of view.What is given in the book can be understood at its face value from the readers.what the class attenders seek for in a class is the profs' perspective or take or understanding of the subject so that they can form their own.But if the prof were to merely repeat what is there in the book then the class will be of much lesser use.Having said that not much of a perspective can be offered in a business class stats, can it??
The accountancy class was by far the best of the 2.mubin rafat who handled the class is a brilliant lady.It appears that she can handle a class for any number of hrs.Coz previous to my accounts class she handled a class for different section for a marathon 2 hrs.And she barged into our class and continued the marathon for the next 2 hrs.And I did not notice a drop in her energy till the was simply brilliant!
Otherwise, now my schedule has got a little tighter.Still i do find time for a swim, or badminton or TT.probably becoz this is just preterm and doesnt call for a grade.So from next week i might have to forget all my ECA.


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