Thursday, May 04, 2006

the hard core terms!!!

my first week of classes got over!!it was one hell of a week!! in all about 32 hrs lecture in the week...3 assignments. and loads of work to study!!looks cool ah??
but then with my 3rd week in this place having gone by its a pretty different life out here!!
all this is now part and parcel of life!!
i got to work with my studymate and groupmate AG.He too is an intelligent animal.But a little better than most here in the sense that he is pretty focused on his study!!I just kind of marvel at events that might have transpired before he came here.the fact that he had to take a big decision to come here with his family to study.His spouse had to shift jobs!! and then his kid relatively new to the world..having to adjust to this new place.Its kind of marvel sometimes how much one would sacrifice and how much adjustments one has to be ready to face!I completely and whole heartedly appreciate AG in his endeavor.
One great thing u definitely learn at ISB is how SMARTly u can do ur work as against how MUCH u need to work.I am looking forward to more sessions of study with him!!

my visit to rec center has streamlined a bit..i mean i have definite hrs of visiting it...but i should try and not give it up !!!
its pretty late, my next post i should try and keep up a promise....about our CP king and of course a brief note about our term profs!!


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