Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a walk to remember!

its sometime since i have hit this pages! Life has come a full circle for me.
Its truely amazing as to how life can change overnight.How breez comesby, and how it takes u
along to the places u havent gone before.A similar breeze hit me 2 weeks back.It stirred up my life, change the orientation of my heart and left an indelible expression of human emots.
hmm.some senti stuff this.Am i talking like a guy in luv? or am i reading a script straight out of a movie.Neither.I am talking like a changed me.I am me no more.Its us.
The first phase of ISB sessions got over with.There was a small party yesterday for all the 2 profs.
Robert stine; the man who took 5 stat sessions. He taught us how to measure the confidence with which one can talk, bullshit and convince. well for starters its only with 95% confidence.
Rest 5 % is a false positive.I mean when u find a girl in campus and want to propose to her.Say u go ahead and proposed to her, if the girl now wants to find out how confident u are for urself, stine just provided a formula for that. She can use ur proposal as a sample and find out proportion and standard deviation and tell how confident u are about ur proposal.If u beat that 95% confidence level proposed be Z statistic, u may just get lucky...else...well...u are a false just means that u proposed..but never meant it.Now some application this....Wonder what walterman will have for us next.Becoz he is next up today to teach us.

the next for the send off is asim ansari; he never turned up for the party.he got busy, we thot he should have come becoz he did an exquiste job of teaching marketing.through out his classes most of the students were enjoying life. Class participation dwindled exponentially with each class.Jagmohan raju is taking asims place and hope there wont be a my-hand-bigger-than-urs competation.Lets hope we continue to enjoy life.

Amit bubna by far the best of them, simply becoz he connected with students more easily than anyone else.So for a change lets not mock at him.He did a tremendous job.managerial economics sounds more interesting to me now.The nuances of supply-demand curve is embedded in my head that i always think of the opportunity cost of going to LRC or rec centre.Thanks to him i gave up rec centre and so did my quaddie GB.
Yesterday night GB was caught napping.he would have been photographed naked by me.HG tried to help me but GB escaped narrowly.Since we lost an opportunity click him in his birthsuit i am trying to make up by putting this in my blog.He also slammed his door or on my poor friend HG, HG got his fingers cut, but GB didnt show a slight bit of remorse.So i hope after reading my blog he goes to a confession box.

Now its time to talk about my study group.One of the best diverse group award should go to this group.coz each on things this digest this.MC of our group is a part of UN.She has travelled over 50 countries.She has been selected by ISB to go to china for some human resource conference..(pardon me ..i am completely ignorant).
The other 3 guys of my group AG, S, darmendar, are brilliant guys. They show so much fire while studying that the argument goes in native languages.I am caught between foot and mouth.But team game is important.I love playing in teams.And trust me i have improved my listening skills a lot.
Amidst all this choas there is one more character in this group.She is like the epicenter of our group.She bridges all the egos and tie them up at the centre so that the group so that ppl dont run in different directions.Welcome DK.She has done a fantastic job too.

its time to go now time i might hit u sooner.


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