Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The last mile!

here comes the end of term 1. click next tuesday.I am done with exams.
Climate has changed in ISB camp.So has the mood with it. Its no longer as hot as it used to be a month ago.The feel of the cold has spread.Spread everywhere. Mid terms did a great chiller job.
Its amazing how just 2 tests can develop cold feet between friends, students. Few reign high while a few whine.But the hope never ends! like they say hope is eternal. The dread exams make their appearance again for 2 days.During these days [even a few days before that] one doesnt feel like human being.Interesting this phenomenon of exams and tests doesnt exist in other species.Like for example, imagine if one were to invite applications for interview for animals for the post of " pets" in a house.Then the whole symbotic relation on this planets would go for a toss, wouldnt it?? And there would be OBCs for animals.So backward animals like pig, donkey etc would have filed a case against more popular pets like dog, cat and horse. And then arjun singh would have stepped in allocated some "seats" in houses for them.Then one would have had to bare with having pets too! like if u owned a dog as a pet, u have to house a pig.
And then u have to create a dwelling for them.So ur shit pot would have had to be outside the a swamp of drainage.On the other hand, the more favourable pets would argue what went wrong with them, why they were being dished out such mis treatment.Shouldnt it be solely on merit! See what exams can do to one. Its now clear in my mind that exams are a cause of social disharmony. It divides people unfairly. Even though god gave humans same mind with diverse orientations, Some are unfairly called better than others of the same make.In my mind I only distinguish the two clans as the quantitatively oriented [good in exams] and qualitatively oriented[good elsewhere].Since i belong to the later clan, I am obviously biased towards it.
And folks this is my blog, and hence only my choices win here.
Well, lets now discontinue this argument, else exams may have a case of discrimination against me!!
Otherwise, over the past 2 weeks i have been thoroughly enjoing an entertainment by one Mr Rakesh Vohra.He is too good.When he conducts class , even me wont sleep.He is a demi god of game theory.The way he sequences his class is fabulous.I am now so deeply addicted to him.Unfortunately today is going to be his last class.I really look forward to seeing him in the coming terms.He is an inspiration when he starts staging the class.
Ohh! reality strikes. exams approaching, i got to study, unfair world, bad practises, grumble, grumble, mumble mumble.... #%^&&^%!!!!!!!!


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