Thursday, May 25, 2006

times running out!!

times running out!!
i am left behind in the race...the first proof arrived when eco marks of mid term was released today...i am already way behind in my study 2 weeks i would be writing my final exams...and as it appears now mostly unprepared.its almost 230 and i havent slept..just like most in the i complaining ?? honestly i feel like!! but still i havent sunk my heart yet...coz i know whats keeping the boat afloat! there is still support?? its not all ended afterall....there is a lot to look forward...
for some ppl life begins just when it looks like its ended. I have a lesson to learn from...Its time when i am telling myself..prashanth! go and study hard! the world is yours!!
hmm.lets see if there are better things for me to tell next time..untill then.....


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