Friday, June 02, 2006

A walk in the clouds!

Hyderabad has a fantastic cloud cover, Its rainy season now! Rain Gods havent been cruel to the city again this time around. Its always a pleasantry to see the clouds coming to rescue of bi-legged mammals and offering a temporary shade from the otherwise scorching sun of hyderabad! the pathway in student village offers a smile to walk on! A wet carpet spreads out to the stressed minds of ISB.The green cover sweats out the last drops of rains, and gleams for once with a cheek wide smile, just as the sun goes down in the evening. As I stand by the window sill, looking out,its a perfect picture with wrong moods walking on the rain covered pathways.I have this marketing book in my hand, but i am in no mood to study.As I watch out, reflecting my own mood, I see some sober minds, some thinking faces, some introspective eyes, so worn out cheeks walking furiously in and out of the village. All these people are either walking in to their houses or walking out to the library.What a waste of ISB life..I wonder! Well, though my face dont seem to differ from any of those i described! Ohh! and then there are some cheerful and innocent souls hanging around! Its not difficult to guess who they are!!
After ISB too have some people here having a ball!!
The cheerful faces belong to the spouses of a few students here, and the innocent once their off-springs.Their fathers/mothers seem to pay a heavy price to come to this beautiful place offering a trailer of nature. but its mostly the children and spouses whom u find in the lawns, on the grass - rolling and laughing all their way atleast for next one year- while the students sweat it out!!!


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