Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Snake bytes!

Dear fellow living beings!
I am just a creature like u.This place was my home before u came here.U came here and built this big campus in what used to be my free area, I was born and brought up here.So are most of my fellow snakes.I have seen my grand parents and heard about my ancestors who lived here.I didnt question you when u came and claimed this land as yours.U are afterall a fellow human being.I being a submissive species dared not to move into areas you built this beautiful campus on.I respect your ambition.
Today I am restricted in space in the very place you have come and occupied my home.I am proud that you made such good use of land to be the best B school in town.They even have a name for the place i was born in.They say ISB! man! wow!. I cant think like you do.Your achievements are beyond my imaginations.
However, I have a small request. This is a rainy season, as it gets very sticky in homes.I cant stay inside for a long time.A few of my generations understand we are no longer free to go around in this place.A lot from younger generations have no where to go.They are bound to move around in the campus.Like I said snakes are not as intelligent as humans.
They call us poisonous, but i can vouch that we have a clean record.
We havent bitten any one till now or there are no cases of any death by snake bites.
So please dont go on a killing spree. U are supposed to be my benefactor, my fellow living being and my protector.A few amongst you might even pretend to pray to me once a year.
All i request you is....please dont panic! I am not as harmful as you are.
I am begging you for my life.Please! lets live in peace!
I am still not angry with you. I am just asking you to be a little more "human" .Dont be "animals".
This for us is not a matter of joke, when u see us in our habitat, for no particular reason, u panic, and kill us at sight, take pictures and send it to fellow humans and amuse urself with it.
I beg you all over again, I request you again, only a few of my species remain today on earth, Dont kill us all.
Your sincerely,
A dejected snake !

Dear God,
I am one of those repentant ISBian inside the campus.I am fed up of being a human.After reading this message from snake, my heart goes out to them.All 420 ill minded mortals like me living inside this campus are fit for nothing creatures who are here to make money at the cost of others.We are taught how to exploit other humans and become rich.The price we pay for that are loads of money borrowed from a bank!!
I study in my room in the first floor.A fellow human being labelled as "security man" watches my room all the time trying to protect me.I have no respect for him.The only difference between me and him is that we had different parents.But as a result today his job is to be my protector while I pretend to work hard.While I prepare myself to see crores of money, he prepares himself for to see people rake in crores of money.Not that he is not capable like me, but just that he isnt blessed like me..U are responsible for it!I am privilaged guy.
I get to earn money for one year.I also get to kill a lot of snakes around in the campus.I take pics of them and mail it to my friends here.I talk of the good of mankind and bullshit about human nature, but care a least to follow them.
I go to the lecture theatre, A respected gentleman is here to teach me, but I have no respect for him.How can I respect him?? He is my slave. I have paid him to do what he is here to do.As a result I can come anytime to the class, I can eat what I want when he is teaching me some important things, I can go out of the class and come back anytime I want.I can even order him to do things i want him to do.
I visit this lavish canteen daily, I pay for the food, so I can take any amount of food i want and prefer to waste them,Just throw it away.Neither do I have any regard to all those who have put in their blood to grow them in fields nor do I have any respect for those who are dying of hunger without food day in and out.After all , People are here to do what I want, and I am an ISBian.i am a heartless creature.U are responsible for it again!!
I am a learned man today, Please, is there anyway U can terminate me??
If you dont open your eyes today, a lot of objects like me will be produced on this planet and soon hell will come down to earth.Please save this planet.
A soul craving for moksha!


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