Saturday, July 29, 2006

july 29th

hi, the post for the day is back!
I have no mood to study...I am too tired...Slept through all day...Sometimes people are tired when their body aches..and sometimes when their mind aches....My mind aches...i am too tired to think...heart says its not worth dont think!!! but mind persists...How fantastic can this get!! mind finds problems even when there arent any!! heart finds solutions even when there arent any!!
As I switch channels I continue to think!!On one of these channels i hear this song..
"har gadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi"... In one of these scenes Shah rukh finds that the doc realizes his time is up...and a parallel time scene dictates preity having a ball with saif...the world is just unfair isnt it?? I remembered watching this movie ..I had burst out laughing at the stupidity of the scene when everyone else was watching the movie with an emotion as i watch it i feel like crying......the world is unfair afterall....
I feel like crying...aloud...much louder than these peacocks around in the campus.....but no ones going to hear....There are good moments and there are bad moments....Try to get the good moments going!! What are those good moments in my life?? Well, date on the TV just said 29th july!! Does that ring a bell somewhere??
Ohh yes, it is a 4th year aniversary of something!! The ache in the mind goes down a little....heart and mind smile alike! an orchestra is struck between them...The happiness is now soothing....
It was an early morning mist!!On july 29th, 2002, the three of us got up!! my mind wasnt this bad then...Mysore was as cool as a cucumber at 615 in the morning....Pavan, kata and me had just woken up to a new dawn...not like any other dawn...a dawn that would be worth remembering for my life time...the professional in me was born....I didnt realise it then. Getting up ready was the paramount thing in my life!! We resided at the residence of mitra's, a good hearted uncle of pavan. Staying temporarily for the day, along with us in Mitra uncle's den, was pavans parents.They came along with us all the way from bangalore just to get us comfortable.
I was reporting for my first day's work today along with pavan and karthik.
Thus began a fantastic day, a day from which my first earnings would trickle down...It was a fantastic feeling...All three of us dressed in a completel white and black formals and of course a tie.I wore a formal shoe that i had bought newly just for my work..but that was the only day I wore it in my entire professional career for the next 4 years.
We all boarded on mopeds -2 TVS champs-belonging to me n pavan and a Hero Puch that was kata's, transported from bangalore just to aid our travel within mysore.We all set out with a photograph that pavans parents captured, that has now turned into one of a a nostalgic gift.
Well, a mahurtam was also sort just in case we land up at an inaspicious moment that would screw up our entire if it hasnt now!!
So as early as 730 we set out in a very funny manner, unknowingly what we were venturing into and completely ignorant of the moment. There was also a token of gift for mother nature - a nature call that we attended, in front of a tree that was cut down a few days down the lane....
It was one of those joyous occasions..where little things grew big.....
We did a reporting in the morning the 5 of us...along with kishore and vikas who joined in later...we went on a wishing spree ...hellowing everyone we came along.....well a few days later when my new batchmates did the same when i visited them....It was hilarious...the guys and girls of my batch..stood up when I visited them in a conference room....they confused me to be a senior in the org....i got a respect that i didnt deserve was pretty hilarious.....
On the first visit we met this gentlemen who had interviewed all of us....We told him we came at 800 in the morning....he remarked.."there should have been no one in the office so early..."
It was a small joy...considering that we would be rebuked if we walked in 5 seconds late to a class in my college... no one would question us here if we came in late to the office!!!

Well, the whole year was a happy holiday for all of us....We worked our lives with ethics and happiness...I would say i wish today that the holiday would have lasted for ever.....It was most definitely the happiest of times that I had in my life.....

......I always believed that these small rules that u set for urself will help u in the long run....I gave up on small pleasures for something big I would get later in life...Go and get what u want..the world out there is so big!!!!
careers take a turn u never except...My life has come a full circle in 4 years...I am sure its the same for others as well....
Hmm... as I sit retrospecting this moment...its time to sleep again...the tiredness in my mind is back..its going to follow me whereever i go!!! The ache in the mind swells up....heart and mind fade in smiles ! an orchestra strikes a discordant note......The happiness is now overshadowed....... Life is not all about happiness after all....Trust brings with it a great deal of risk and happiness....Higher the trust higher is the happiness..and higher is the risk of losing it.!!
Dont know where my stand right now is..!!!


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