Tuesday, July 25, 2006

MBA devils

ok here I am...finding some inspiration to blog again!!I will update my whole term 2 exp.
btw, term 2 is history now!! and term 3 is present!
but before that here are a couple of quizzes for problemers!!
1) i liked this one, i thot these are the things one need to really learn from a B school rather than mug numbers for problems...anyway here it goes!!
One night a thief once raided a Richie richs house.The next morning the richie rich got up only to see his jewels looted.but no money was stolen.So he went ahead and launched a complaint in a local police station.After a few days the thief was caught.!!!The thief was going a thru a personal trauma to which he would succumb soon.!!To make good for his sins, he confessed to looting the jewels and surrendered all the jewels he had looted.However a very funny thing happened!!
Before he breathed last he made the following statement!! "Alas, here comes time when I breathe the last!! To lighten the burden of sins here i say a thing, a complete truth.I stole the jewels alright, but it was not at the richie richs house!!"
The police recorded this statement of the thief! and was horrified to here the last sentence.
He takes a look at the jewels again, The jewels matched the exact description of what the Richie rich mentioned in his complaint!
Now, if u were in the shoe of the police inspector, how would u go about solving the problem??

I dont know the solution, in other words i wont discuss it here!! let the battle begin!!


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