Sunday, February 12, 2006

Guru chats!!

ok, i have this set of close friends....They are known as Panna, Draj, ravi, kata, kichi, NA, anantha, soori, prabhu,BC, and Santro.
Well the list looks pretty big...But all these assholes have forgotten life somewhere......
and have stopped realising time for each other....the problem is all have something going on in their lives....something that is taking all their time away......
While 2 are married the other is yet to be married......4 of them "onsite" so hardly time for their old is "far" away...that leaves me, panna and soori.......
So just to celebrate....this small reunion...we met today at Guru chats....
guru chats is a chat outlet that kind of specialises in "special items"...we first ran into this place more than 3 years ago...during college days!!!!
it is more like that sasi's place if u have read..fivepointsomeone!!!
This place has been our venue for discussions, decisions, comments and gossips...
It has hosted us a lot of gud the number of guys turning up has reduced....but some how i have made sure i visit this place atleast with 1-2 guys.....just to unburden some burdensome thots......its like u go into a temple with lot of complaints....but when u come out...u really feel so much better.!!!!
neway, i just hope that all these guys get into trouble that they will start speaking up again...else these guys never look like they would meet up.......

The week was a physically straining one.....volleyball was fun though....the ITPL tournament will start next week...its going to be fun all the company now looks more colourful to me now....especially after i have resigned....

I hope i get to travel a lot and have lot of fun before ISB grilling starts to happen.....

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Jinx unbroken!!

Its a gud feeling to start pouring out stupidity again and again!!
and hence back to blogging...
Dear few sympathisers of my blog world,
my comments in the previous post was supposed to be a joke.....there is nothing serious about it.....pls dont take offense to my friend remarked...its supposed to be a Black humour!!gud name has given nice names to all the mistakes he commits and this was a nice one too!!!
My sunday started out with these thots...and also a lot of questions......
well, there are so many things in this world i have tried to understand....most of this pertains in one way or the other to a species called woman!!
Miss fictious woman, i want to ask u some questions in life!!

1) What is it that drives u in life???i mean a motto of life!! there are 3 things that drives man- power, money and makes him commit crime and makes him think wild and also like a child!! From, what i have heard from history or what i know about u.....these 3 things has no impact on u.......there must be something which I dont understand!!

2)What is sense of humour according to u??when a joke is cracked u make a mess out of it....and U laugh when something serious happens?? Why??

3)When someone tries to get close to u, u make sure he is kept at a distance ?? and when u go far away U are all ready to die for him??why??

By this time, i got bored....i had one question in my mind...WHY THE HECK SHOULD I TRY TO UNDERSTAND??

I and kiru went to Rang de basanthi.... was an excellent movie...i really enjoyed it.....but the biggest mistake was made when we decided to back it up with pandu...RV..[kannada movie] was a bad choice....this was the 4th time we tried to break the 3 movies in a row....didnt make the jinx remains unbroken.....before my ISB life begins we should make sure we watch 3 movies in a day......!!this is my new mission in life!!!

My another mission is the become a regular yoga follower....
Having had a tremendous life changing experience in the inner engineering program..i wish one day everyone in india undergoes this change in lifestyle....the isha now any eye opener for many in this planet..i plan to try and bring this in ISB...lets see how it goes.....
Sadguru Jaggi vasudev is a fantastically learned person......i must truely say i have learnt the difference between learning and experiencing.....Hats of to this gentleman!!

Friday, February 03, 2006

Marriage is death!!

Calamity in my life has befallen again!!
ok, i tried to pen down my experience a lot of times:
I tried writing when i recieved the first gud news in my life after almost 3 years..that was when i got an admit in ISB.
I failed.
I tried again when i failed successfully as an entrepreneur.i failed.I tried again to express how it felt like to meet
my future isb classmates.Again i failed.
But now Calamity has struck me. I am sad.I am depressed.
Emotions are running so high in me now that this time i am successful; successful in penning my thoughts about
I have lost a friend.Its not a farce, its not a hope, its the truth- Truth of the moment, yet another friend falls victim to a social evil called marriage.
Caught in the woods,like a true "rajnikanth" i asked the power superior one day---
"Oh! almighty! why dont u restore "life" on this planet?? why do u hate peace so much??
And of all people why me??I know everyone asks u the same question??
I really like and respect my friends!Cant u leave us alone in our own small humble world called bachelorhood.
In this world, we dont take permission for running our livelyhood.we come home anytime, go to movies late in the nite,
comment on any girls.In short we control our own destiny"
But,when god appeared in front of me, the answer to me was so expressionlessly simple-No words needed.Just a glance was needed I realised that the god I was praying was a SHE!!!

No one will hear me now.I am afraid i know the inevitable--yes, marriage is inevitable.
I now feel sad thinking of kata's untimely demise, err...or is it marriage???

I am surprised my other friends are congratulating him,I dont know why??
Everyday morning we drink coffee.We know coffee is bad for health.If on an (n+1)th day this coffee is not given to us,
what do we ask??think about it....
"dont i have the freedom to drink what i want??" ---is it not what we ask???
Now think again, is it freedom?? or bondage?? a hindsight thought will reveal that this is bondage-our bondage for coffee. isnt it??
The same is happening here.Is marriage freedom or bondage??
Becoz of this evil called girl, we have learnt to celebrate bondage and suffer freedom.
My teacher was right-ramayana happened becoz of kaikeyi and sita.
Mahabharata happened becoz of draupadi's saree strip.

Trouble is brewing,The inevitable is happening.I cannot stop this.No one can.
kichi, dont be ready to jump on me.I know we are all in the sinking boat. All of us have to go.
But the choice for all of us(BC-please excuse) is when to jump out of the boat.

First it was NA the great, He is the most loving enemy i have had. sisya, i still love u eternally,so what if we fought for a girl,so what if u r dead now, or if u have a kid[even more deader] --do what u want!!I love u, when i think of u i think deeply that u r a nice person to be with! But Today, when NA is in US and i dont even know.Isnt he dead for me??
Now time has arrived for the second one,I know this is one of the saddest days in my life.
Imagine how U feel when u know a person is going to be killed brutally with a mangalsutra [means "man" is going to be "gal's" "sutra" -- leading to man-gal sutra] and i stand there helplessly with some corns of rice in my hand to give drop it on ur head. Becoz from that moment u r not going to get any more corns on ur own.From now on u r never incharge of ur destiny.
Marriage is an agreement between god and girl--a chance for her to experiment with a "spare" destiny before she can shape her own destiny

There was a time when we used to celebrate each others birthday without miss,success of any soul in the group was each of us, we partied for everything.A foriegn tour used to be celebrated with so much aplomb.Its now being skipped..sure signs of boat going down....

Kata--U are going to be murdered.
I cant help.I express my deepest concern for u.
May your soul rest in peace.
give us ur last treat please
Coz after this, u will never have control over ur purse!!

All my fellow travellers on the sinking ship, Dont u agree with me that we need to get together for a rare moment of happiness?? Lets mourn kata's untimely demise with mine [mine - i mean my success]

Well, I have to end this mail here.End it with a small wish.God , If at all there is another birth for us,
Let us, i mean all our boyz, all be born together again, in a forest of infinite boundary either as dogs or gays --------
-----------but not as husbands!!!!!!!!!!!!!