Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The last mile!

here comes the end of term 1. click next tuesday.I am done with exams.
Climate has changed in ISB camp.So has the mood with it. Its no longer as hot as it used to be a month ago.The feel of the cold has spread.Spread everywhere. Mid terms did a great chiller job.
Its amazing how just 2 tests can develop cold feet between friends, students. Few reign high while a few whine.But the hope never ends! like they say hope is eternal. The dread exams make their appearance again for 2 days.During these days [even a few days before that] one doesnt feel like human being.Interesting this phenomenon of exams and tests doesnt exist in other species.Like for example, imagine if one were to invite applications for interview for animals for the post of " pets" in a house.Then the whole symbotic relation on this planets would go for a toss, wouldnt it?? And there would be OBCs for animals.So backward animals like pig, donkey etc would have filed a case against more popular pets like dog, cat and horse. And then arjun singh would have stepped in allocated some "seats" in houses for them.Then one would have had to bare with having pets too! like if u owned a dog as a pet, u have to house a pig.
And then u have to create a dwelling for them.So ur shit pot would have had to be outside the a swamp of drainage.On the other hand, the more favourable pets would argue what went wrong with them, why they were being dished out such mis treatment.Shouldnt it be solely on merit! See what exams can do to one. Its now clear in my mind that exams are a cause of social disharmony. It divides people unfairly. Even though god gave humans same mind with diverse orientations, Some are unfairly called better than others of the same make.In my mind I only distinguish the two clans as the quantitatively oriented [good in exams] and qualitatively oriented[good elsewhere].Since i belong to the later clan, I am obviously biased towards it.
And folks this is my blog, and hence only my choices win here.
Well, lets now discontinue this argument, else exams may have a case of discrimination against me!!
Otherwise, over the past 2 weeks i have been thoroughly enjoing an entertainment by one Mr Rakesh Vohra.He is too good.When he conducts class , even me wont sleep.He is a demi god of game theory.The way he sequences his class is fabulous.I am now so deeply addicted to him.Unfortunately today is going to be his last class.I really look forward to seeing him in the coming terms.He is an inspiration when he starts staging the class.
Ohh! reality strikes. exams approaching, i got to study, unfair world, bad practises, grumble, grumble, mumble mumble.... #%^&&^%!!!!!!!!

Thursday, May 25, 2006

times running out!!

times running out!!
i am left behind in the race...the first proof arrived when eco marks of mid term was released today...i am already way behind in my study 2 weeks i would be writing my final exams...and as it appears now mostly unprepared.its almost 230 and i havent slept..just like most in the i complaining ?? honestly i feel like!! but still i havent sunk my heart yet...coz i know whats keeping the boat afloat! there is still support?? its not all ended afterall....there is a lot to look forward...
for some ppl life begins just when it looks like its ended. I have a lesson to learn from...Its time when i am telling myself..prashanth! go and study hard! the world is yours!!
hmm.lets see if there are better things for me to tell next time..untill then.....

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

a walk to remember!

its sometime since i have hit this pages! Life has come a full circle for me.
Its truely amazing as to how life can change overnight.How breez comesby, and how it takes u
along to the places u havent gone before.A similar breeze hit me 2 weeks back.It stirred up my life, change the orientation of my heart and left an indelible expression of human emots.
hmm.some senti stuff this.Am i talking like a guy in luv? or am i reading a script straight out of a movie.Neither.I am talking like a changed me.I am me no more.Its us.
The first phase of ISB sessions got over with.There was a small party yesterday for all the 2 profs.
Robert stine; the man who took 5 stat sessions. He taught us how to measure the confidence with which one can talk, bullshit and convince. well for starters its only with 95% confidence.
Rest 5 % is a false positive.I mean when u find a girl in campus and want to propose to her.Say u go ahead and proposed to her, if the girl now wants to find out how confident u are for urself, stine just provided a formula for that. She can use ur proposal as a sample and find out proportion and standard deviation and tell how confident u are about ur proposal.If u beat that 95% confidence level proposed be Z statistic, u may just get lucky...else...well...u are a false just means that u proposed..but never meant it.Now some application this....Wonder what walterman will have for us next.Becoz he is next up today to teach us.

the next for the send off is asim ansari; he never turned up for the party.he got busy, we thot he should have come becoz he did an exquiste job of teaching marketing.through out his classes most of the students were enjoying life. Class participation dwindled exponentially with each class.Jagmohan raju is taking asims place and hope there wont be a my-hand-bigger-than-urs competation.Lets hope we continue to enjoy life.

Amit bubna by far the best of them, simply becoz he connected with students more easily than anyone else.So for a change lets not mock at him.He did a tremendous job.managerial economics sounds more interesting to me now.The nuances of supply-demand curve is embedded in my head that i always think of the opportunity cost of going to LRC or rec centre.Thanks to him i gave up rec centre and so did my quaddie GB.
Yesterday night GB was caught napping.he would have been photographed naked by me.HG tried to help me but GB escaped narrowly.Since we lost an opportunity click him in his birthsuit i am trying to make up by putting this in my blog.He also slammed his door or on my poor friend HG, HG got his fingers cut, but GB didnt show a slight bit of remorse.So i hope after reading my blog he goes to a confession box.

Now its time to talk about my study group.One of the best diverse group award should go to this group.coz each on things this digest this.MC of our group is a part of UN.She has travelled over 50 countries.She has been selected by ISB to go to china for some human resource conference..(pardon me ..i am completely ignorant).
The other 3 guys of my group AG, S, darmendar, are brilliant guys. They show so much fire while studying that the argument goes in native languages.I am caught between foot and mouth.But team game is important.I love playing in teams.And trust me i have improved my listening skills a lot.
Amidst all this choas there is one more character in this group.She is like the epicenter of our group.She bridges all the egos and tie them up at the centre so that the group so that ppl dont run in different directions.Welcome DK.She has done a fantastic job too.

its time to go now time i might hit u sooner.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

the hard core terms!!!

my first week of classes got over!!it was one hell of a week!! in all about 32 hrs lecture in the week...3 assignments. and loads of work to study!!looks cool ah??
but then with my 3rd week in this place having gone by its a pretty different life out here!!
all this is now part and parcel of life!!
i got to work with my studymate and groupmate AG.He too is an intelligent animal.But a little better than most here in the sense that he is pretty focused on his study!!I just kind of marvel at events that might have transpired before he came here.the fact that he had to take a big decision to come here with his family to study.His spouse had to shift jobs!! and then his kid relatively new to the world..having to adjust to this new place.Its kind of marvel sometimes how much one would sacrifice and how much adjustments one has to be ready to face!I completely and whole heartedly appreciate AG in his endeavor.
One great thing u definitely learn at ISB is how SMARTly u can do ur work as against how MUCH u need to work.I am looking forward to more sessions of study with him!!

my visit to rec center has streamlined a bit..i mean i have definite hrs of visiting it...but i should try and not give it up !!!
its pretty late, my next post i should try and keep up a promise....about our CP king and of course a brief note about our term profs!!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

End of fun-days!!

the end of pre terms also marked the end of fun for all the students!! it was a fantastic transition exercise that transpired in the last 15 days- one starting with fun..more fun...lots of fun to the point where the fun subsided and seriousness took over!!
The last day at the rec centre when i visited...i saw that gloom had descended over the place.It wore a deserted look.Just 2 weeks before the indoor courts were full to the brim.Ppl complaining about the lack of facilities-- a small gym, 2 badminton courts and 1 TT board for 428 students!!!!!
The reason was pretty evident on this last day of pre terms!!Very few ppl had turned up at the centre..a few sport facinates like me, GB and CP!!
ohh!! i forgot to say about this CP..!! CP is the "nic" name of the last quadmate of mine...about whom i havent spoken till now..Given that the time of this writing is supposed to be the last day of preterm..[and i am writing it now!!]i will talk more about him in my next post!!!
This brings me to my cool quaddie HG!! this is one super cool character...why??
i guess he has already set the record for missing the most classes in preterm...He missed 3 classes.and each bloody preterm session costs us 800 bucks....amounting to 400 bucks per hour of class....hence the 5 min break that we used to get in the course also cost us 50 bucks!!!!!
and this great quaddie slept thru the whole of 2 days missing 3 sessions and also his group meeting!!! He aspires to be in the deans list!!and in my opinion he will be in the deans special list :D....ok jokes apart! he is a fantastic character.....!! he is pretty intelligent and has a good sense of humour just like my other quaddie GB!!
for sake of onlookers another interesting story about my another quaddie GB is that his love story got leaked to his sweethearts father.He is a little tense about it!! [though he claims otherwise!!] And guess what, his would be father-in-law also visited isb campus! my friend claims that he visits hyderabad casually and hence his visit to ISB was a gudwill visit!!
well, i truely trust was indeed gudwill visit becoz he got a few wafers and chocolates for us...errr.....for him!!and i wish him this goodwill visit keeps happening every once in 2 weeks!!!
anyway, i am happy for him..for he is a very nice and sporty chap!!!and deserves all that he gets!!
Well, the fun ends here!! its time to be gets hectic...and assignments are ruthlessly painful!! so its now time to pinch the butt and start the study engines!!
i will try and post this blogs as much as possible!! i hope i am able to keep up this promise of mine!!!