Sunday, March 19, 2006

blog revisited!!!

this is the third time i am forgetting the password for this blog :(
If anyone has high hopes of me writing blog regularly...well try to remember my password!!!
alrite, let me get the situation upright...almost 2 months to go..for the course...i hope my loan gets sanctioned...else i cooked for life!!
got my tickets to hyderabad.!! i am looking forward for an exciting life..i hope i am able to try out all the experiments i have lined up for me...including my raw vegetarian meal idea....but dont know how far i will get time to make up myself.....
i have to make a check list of what to buy and what not to buy....for my isb tour....
next on line is this negotation with my manager for relieving date...first i asked him to extend it and now i am have to ask him to prepone it by 2 days....else my goa trip is going to get hit.....!!!!
btw, i have to make an earnest effort to advertise my else apart from me reads it!!
hmm..anyway, doesnt one else will show as much interest in me...!!!